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Mom's total nightmare happens when she falls asleep next to her baby in hospital to find it gone when she awakes
The nurses just laughed

Can you find 4th person hidden in this picture?
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Bomb squad dog suffers terrible injuries after saving the lives of her unit

Such a brave dog!

Lucca is a more than just a pet dog. She joined the United States Marine Corps and quickly became a top search dog, sniffing out explosives, ammunition, and weapons. To Sgt.Chris Willingham, who worked closely with Lucca for her first five years of service, she was his partner and she was family. When Sgt. Willingham was reassigned in 2011, he left Lucca with a new partner, Cpl. Juan Rodriguez.

Lucca, Cpl. Rodriguez, and a few other marines were out on patrol. While Lucca was walking ahead, she detected the presence of an IED. After the team successfully detonated it, they continued their search, when suddenly, another device exploded, causing Lucca serious injuries. Rodriguez treated Lucca like any soldier and immediately applied a tourniquet and other proper first aid measures before rushing her to the medical center.

Fortunately, Lucca survived, though her injured leg had to be amputated. She retired from the military and now lives with her first partner, Sgt. Willingham, and his family, where she is pampered and treated like the hero she is.

Lucca's bravery saved the lives of so many soldiers over her seven years of service. Share this amazing story with your family and friends!

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