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A hospice worker approaches a dying woman as she sleeps and the camera captures something incredible
One final wish

No one believed what her 6-year-old son was going through. What she filmed shocked everyone
6-year-old Tyler Saunders from Old Bar, Australia, regularly tossed and turned at night, screaming ...


Unbelievable: The dog playing fetch in the photo will soon be dead (page 2)


The Walsh family weren't aware that dogs can ingest too much water and will always regret what happened to their beloved Hanz. "If we had known about water intoxication, maybe there would have been something more we could have done to save him," Jennifer said.

The family now wants spare other dogs from a similar fate by sharing Hanz's story on Facebook. The post has been shared over 80,000 and will hopefully save many dogs' lives from this illness.

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