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What a disease...

Zara Hartshorn is a Brit  who lives with a strange genetic disorder. The condition, which two  of Zara's seven  siblings also share, was  inherited from their mother. The main symptom of the disease is obvious with one glance at her face: the skin is so loose and wrinkled, people often take her for an elderly woman. How old do you think she really is? Although it's hard to believe, Zara is only 18 years old.

YouTube/Barcroft TV

Things have not been easy for Zara and her family and until very recently practically nothing was known about their condition. Zara and her siblings have also suffered a lot of bullying since they were children. Kids would call her "grandma" or "monkey" because of her wrinkles and her deteriorating  teeth.

It was precisely because of the relentless bullying at school that Zara became convinced she wanted to have plastic surgery. Without it, she felt she just could not cope with life, get a job or go to university. When she started looking for a surgeon, however, Zara  was told that what to her was a vital surgery was considered an aesthetic procedure and  her insurance would not cover it. It was heartbreaking news for Zara. Until a clinic in the U.S. heard about her case and decide to help her ... for free!

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Besides changing her physical appearance to give her  more self-confidence, the trip also had a second purpose: to find out more about Zara's  disease and all of its implications. Zara and her family were afraid, but they also had to know the truth, however terrible it might turn out to be.

When Zara's test results came back, the doctors had bad news. Her condition was called Cutis Laxa
, a very rare form of genetic mutation. The loose skin is only one of the many impacts it has on a patient's body, which can range from respiratory to cardiac problems. From one moment to the next, Zara, her mom and her siblings could have complications that range from requiring an oxygen tank to breathe, ending up in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives or worse.

YouTube/Barcroft TV


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