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Your earwax can tell you how healthy or sick you are. What color is yours?
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She put salt in her shampoo before showering. A few minutes later, she couldn't be more pleased.
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Tired of bullying: teenager comes out of surgery looking completely different (page 2)


Despite the tragic diagnosis, Zara was still set on getting a facelift to look more her age. After her surgery, both she and her family could barely wait  to see her new face. The surgeon not only stretched the skin but also gave her a nose job.  

YouTube/Barcroft TV

The post-op was very painful and Zara's face was covered in bandages for a long time. But finally the day came when she could at last look at herself in the mirror. But even her doctor was amazed when he removed the last bandage from her nose. Zara looked completely different: she looked 20 years younger. The emotional teenager could not stop smiling as she stared at her new face in the mirror.

YouTube/Barcroft TV

For the first time in her life Zara is happy with  her appearance. The surgery has given her the confidence to face a much bigger challenge: living with a disease that can severely impact her health and even lead to a sudden death. But with a better understanding of her condition, both Zara and her family now make sure to have regular checkups and take all the necessary precautions. We hope this incredible young woman finds the strength to live as normal a life as possible and can look forward to many happy years free of bullying.


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