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This baby is ADORABLE! The internet has fallen in love with this newborn baby
Some babies have no hair, some babies come out with a little bit of hair. A small set of babies, ...

I used to avoid cleaning the shower, but this makes it so easy it's almost fun.
Sparkling clean


It wasn’t a shark: The reason behind the bathers’ horror was much worse (page 2)


Roberta Ursey and her family will be forever grateful to Jessica and everyone else who was on the beach that day. Nobody involved will be able to forget what happened, and luckily we have a video record of this remarkable gesture of human solidarity. The images really do restore one's faith in mankind!


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The men saw the child's two pale legs sticking out of the washing machine. They pulled on them and couldn't believe their eyes

She spent more then 120 thousand dollars, to look like her favorite character
It comes as no surprise that sometimes people wish they could look more like their favorite ...

He terrified other kids when he was a child. Now they all regret that decision.
This is the face of an angel

French Street Artist Loves To Hijacks Street Signs
He's been labeled by the French authorities as a vandal, even so far as being fined €400 for his ...

Earth Cake with Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, and Crust
Baking can be a tedious task, but self-taught cook Rhiannon, aka cakecrumbs, accepts the creative ...

The Anorexic Pregnant Girl
Holly Griffiths is 21 years old and has battled anorexia from the age of eight. She gave birth to ...

This tiny dog is suffering from tick bites, after shave him, they find something even worse
New beginning

Had no idea why she was gaining so much weight until woke up one morning and realized this
When it comes to the amount of food you can eat without putting on too many extra pounds, everyone ...

Powerful Lion Sculpture Embedded into a Cliff
In Lucerne, Switzerland, there is a stone sculpture of a slain lion embedded in the face of a low ...