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Children's hospitals have been using this trick to combat poor sleep for years. Now you can use it

The heavyweight solution to bad sleep

Insomnia and restless sleep is a problem that plagues everyone. In most cases, stress is the leading cause. You should take your sleep problems very seriously, because in the long-term they can have an extremely negative impact on your body as well as your psyche. To get a handle on the problem, there's no need for you to start taking a sleeping pill before bed, which can be dangerous. A special kind of blanket can provide the relief you need.

The secret weapon to combat poor sleep is the so-called weighted blanket. These blankets live up to their name because they are filled with materials such as plastic pellets, beans, peas, rice or grains that are placed inside their own individual compartments or bags. Once you're under a blanket like this, it will feel as if you're being hugged because the weight of the blanket exerts pressure on the body. You'll feel more comfortable and your body will be as relaxed as if you've just had a massage. After all, the key to a good, relaxing massage is the pressure exerted.

In this video, you'll see how to make such a blanket without having to sew it.

If your body is exposed to the soft pressure of the cozy warmth of a blanket, it produces the happiness hormone, serotonin, and the sleep hormone, melatonin, simultaneously. This will gently put your body to sleep — without having to resort to any pills. By the way, children's hospitals have been using this technique for years to put patients with insomnia and anxiety to sleep. Many parents of autistic children swear by this blanket as a cure for sleeping issues. But actually any child or adult suffering from insomnia can benefit from this method.

Of course you can also buy a weighted blanket online, but you'll probably have to pay an arm and a leg for it. It is much cheaper, however, to sew the blanket yourself. This offers the advantage that you can customize the size and weight according to your individual needs. They say that the blanket should weigh about 10 percent of the body weight of the person using it. So if you weigh 150 lbs, you should fill the blanket with about 15 lbs of pellets or rice evenly distributed over the whole blanket in individual compartments. But beware! The blanket is not suitable for people with breathing and circulatory problems.

Depending on how good you are at sewing, you can make the blanket very easily. Talented sewers can make a piece of art out of it, for example a quilt with separate pockets that allow you to remove the material from it when you want to wash it.

It's always fantastic when you can solve big problems like this with very little effort. Your body will also thank you when the blanket helps you to get a healthy night's sleep.

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