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This mother recorded the father holding the baby. What she sees makes her lose it
Cuteness overload!

This man who poked the massive blister didn’t know what would burst out at 0:57
Blisters on your feet - almost everyone will experience these annoying and painful pests at some ...


This kid goes to the animal shelter and sees what the adults couldn't

So moving...

The eyes of this little dog look to every person for help, but they all walk past the little beagle's cage. Her name is Suzie and she doesn't want anything other than to have a family of her own.

But it took a very special person to recognize what an amazing soul Suzie is:

Two days after this video was filmed, Suzie was adopted — and since then, her photo has helped hundreds of other furry friends who had lived out miserable existences in animal shelters. Share this video so that all the cats and dogs that are still in animal shelters will be remembered, because they too are looking and waiting for their own new families.

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