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Scary Prank
This is how you can scare the hell out of your girlfriend. Print a photo of your head and place it ...

When paramedics moved her body, they found something in her arms. What she was hiding made them all burst into tears
Everything for her son


The birth of a strange animal frightened the entire village

Poor animal

Nature can be full of surprises and produce some bizarre mutations. A goat that was recently born in an Indian village proves this...

Many of the villagers were initially frightened by the animal's appearance, as they recognized human-like features in its face. Despite its unusual looks and physical impairments, we hope the villagers will treat the goat well.

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First kill

If you hate spiders, then this isn't for you
A dad tries to grab giant spider on the ceiling using a bowl from to the kitchen. Watch now.

She finds inappropriate photos of her students. She gives them a lesson that goes viral
An important message

A Dress Made From the Pages of an Old Thesaurus
Redditor jorimoo, also known as paperbagboris, made a beautifully detailed dress out of an old ...

Can your middle finger reach your wrist? If not, you have some nasty traits that could destroy your relationship!
Show me your hands!

12 surprisingly creative clothing labels that will crack you up
With the exception of a few, the vast majority of us don’t read the label on our favorite ...

This woman took tweezers and put them inside here. What happens next almost made me vomit
A new level of disgusting!

30 dogs that think they are the family baby. I almost cried at no.15.

This predator kills and destroys all over the world and you know it better than you think
The dream dies.