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In broad daylight

Kendrick Taylor is a sound engineer from Los Angeles. One day while walking through a parking lot on his way to the fitness studio he heard cries for help.

He looked in the direction of the yelling and was stunned when he saw what was happening. The Navy veteran could hardly believe his eyes — there in broad daylight was a young man brutally robbing an older woman. He had thrown her to the ground and was trying to take her purse.

You can watch the whole story here in this local news report about the incident:

Kendrick didn't stop to consider whether the man was armed or not. All he saw was a helpless person in trouble and he acted instinctively. "I just saw the lady. She was so old and when he threw her down she was so fragile and I knew she needed help," recalls Kendrick.

Kendrick took off running and when the attacker saw him coming he was obviously scared and attempted to escape. The cowardly robber was willing to pick on the elderly but knew he wouldn't stand a chance against a well-trained Navy veteran so he grabbed the purse and took off through the parking lot.

But the robber hadn't counted on facing such a determined opponent and Kendrick was not about to let him get away that easily. He continued after the robber and eventually caught him with a flying tackle. Kendrick then asked two others on the scene to get the police and held the robber down until they arrived.

The robber was identified as 23-year-old John Zachary DesJardin. He already had previous convictions and was now being charged with robbery and assault on a person over 65 years of age. In Florida, crimes against the elderly are subject to particularly harsh sentences.

The victim of the robbery, 76-year-old Rosemary Carelton, suffered some minor injuries and shock. Kendrick was awarded for his bravery with a medal and a prize. He was even invited to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

But Kendrick doesn't consider himself a hero. As he explains it, "What if that was my grandmother?"

Obviously as a soldier, Kendrick had to risk his own well-being to serve others, but such a generous and courageous attitude is clearly part of who he is. Hopefully his brave, selfless actions will set an example for others.

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