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It's quite scary how the shape of your nail reveals so much about you see which one you are

How is this possible?

Fingernails don't all look the same. There are at least seven different shapes out there; some long and round, others pointy and short. The shape of your nail can reveal a lot of information about your personality and character.

Check out the different nail shapes below and find out which type you are — and what your nails have to say about you.

You can see a summary of these different characteristics in the video below:

1. Vertically long

You are creative and social and others generally feel well in your presence. You get along with most people and are a romantic at heart (plus a little feisty). You love to get lost in the details, which sometimes leads you to lose sight of the bigger picture.

2. Horizontally wide

You are a very truthful person and don't waver to share even uncomfortable thoughts. You want the best for others deep down and therefore sometimes speak up about things that other people don't want to hear, but are necessary. You know exactly what you want in life and have the ambition to achieve it. This makes you attractive to others, but also causes you to get lost in thought and impatient at times.

3. Round egg

You march to a beat all your own, and it's often slower than the fast-paced life of today's society. This makes you a relaxed and quiet person who is at peace with themselves. This contentment allows you to feel a sense of happiness with yourself and your life. You always make rational and logical decisions, because you weigh up all the options beforehand. Thanks to your fantastic emotional balance, you often maintain long friendships.

4. Square /rectangle

You have impressive amounts of both courage and patience, which allow you to take on risks without fear. These qualities would be useful if you later find yourself in a leadership position or decide to start your own business. You take things seriously and others respect that. You immediately notice if someone is trying to get in your way or cheat you. However, you show a more playful side to your family, friends, and partner and they appreciate that.

5. Triangle

Congratulations! You're a genius (or at least your chances are high with this nail shape). Not only are you an innovative and creative thinker, you're also a perfectionist. You have ideas that others couldn't even dream of and excel rapidly in your work. Others are fascinated by your ways.

6. Almond

You are a friendly, truthful person. You are generally good natured when you're around others and serve as your loved ones' rock if they need it. People like to spend time with you since you always tell it like it is and are generous with compliments. You know how to handle tough situations and are able to overcome them successfully.


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