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Her brother died in a car accident. Ten years later her mom and dad tell her a secret on her birthday
The same heart

This mother does nothing to prevent her daughter from doing these things
The proof!


Unimaginable death: That's why this mother took a picture of her daughter who had just died (page 2)



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This woman lies down on the doctor's exam table. She is unrecognizable when she gets up!
A fairy tale

Can you spot something strange in this photo?
Almost no one can see what's wrong with this photo. Do you have a sharp eye?

The baby monitor shows grandma standing by the crib. When the baby's mother sees what happens at 0:13, she can't stop laughing
Grandma overboard

This is what happens when you ask the wrong guy for photoshop help
Awwww! Look at the last one...

These parents go to check on their sleeping baby. But when they see him, they race for the camera
And he slept on peacefully

They hid a microphone to spy on the babysitter after the dog started acting strangely. Then they heard the unthinkable.
Completely defenseless

The parents noticed their daughter getting more nervous every day. Months later doctors pulled this out of her.
Dangerous habit

They cover his body with oil and run a spatula over him. Five hours later, they can't believe what they see
Horrible people...

This baby was fighting for her life. Her desperate dad had a plea for all parents: wash your hands!
Baby in distress