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Rear end, chin, or chest? Where you have acne can say more about your body than you think!

Where do you have them?

Acne isn't just the bane of many teenagers' existence. Adults can suffer from  skin problems as well. The search for a treatable root cause can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. This video is here to help: the place where the acne occurs on your body can reveal the true source of the problem.

1.  Bottom

If you're getting pimples on your rear end, it could be that your underwear is too tight. Another cause may be general hygiene: be sure to bathe regularly and clean your backside and genitals thoroughly with soap.

2. Chin and neck  

More than a few people have to deal with acne in this region, which can be related to consuming too much cheese, yogurt, or other milk products. Try avoiding them for awhile and see if the problem improves.

Sometimes it's also a matter of overproduction of cortisol by your adrenal glands.  This can happen when you're under a lot of mental stress. If you can deal with the source of stress by trying out some stress-reducing techniques like mindfulness meditation or simply more exercise, your hormones will have a chance to  re-balance and the acne should disappear.

3.  Shoulders and back

Pimples or  zits on the upper back and shoulders can indicate gastrointestinal issues. Try drinking more water, eating less processed food (less refined flour, salt, and sugar) and instead, more veggies and fruits together with protein and, especially,  healthy fats

It could also be worthwhile reducing alcohol and coffee consumption for a while, to help your body's ability to digest vitamins and minerals. If the problem continues, talk to your doctor.

4.  Chest

Acne on your chest could indicate a hormonal imbalance, particularly overproduction of male sex hormones. For women it can help to take  artificial hormones such as  the pill. Either way it's not a bad idea to check with your doctor if this problem persists.

5. Elbows  


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