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Imaginative Artists Renders Everyday Objects Utterly Useless
Giuseppe Colarusso has the weird and wonderful gift of being able to take an everyday object and ...

Can you spot something strange in this photo?
Almost no one can see what's wrong with this photo. Do you have a sharp eye?


The woman wearing this dress seems to have experienced a little mishap. But it was actually intentional.

Style — you either have it or you don't!

Some people think that designers have the easiest  job in the world. And actually when you  look at some fashion shows these days, where anything seems to go, there may be some truth to it.  But in everyday life, things tend to work a little differently. Sometimes it takes a bit more consideration and a little  more tact to pull off some  outrageous ideas. Otherwise, you are left with these sorts of designs, which while  funny to  some, are less humorous for those  wearing or using them!  Here are 15 designs and advertisements that have gone seriously wrong  ...

1.  Full speed through the digestive system ...


2. When you really want to make sure that you're pregnant  ...


3.  When two  flamingos meet in the middle, a whole other  image appears  ...


4.  Seriously, who came up with the idea of putting a mirror on the ceiling of a toilet?  


5. This might have worked in theory, but in practice this poor woman is going to endure some strange looks and remarks ...


6.  They couldn't find a better place to blow up this balloon?


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