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Are you smarter than most people? Then solve this puzzle in a minute
If you can solve this logic puzzle in a minute, Then you have a higher IQ than most people

This girl killed with a crossbow and her father burst out laughing. Then he told her not to go out for half an hour. What happened next
First kill


15 photos that prove animals cannot get embarrassed. No. 8 is the best!

Hakuna matata!

How many times have you seen a dog sniffing strangers' private parts or a cat sprawled across the keyboard as its owner is trying to work? Animals just have no shame. Thank goodness people have been catching them in the act and sharing the ensuing hilarity with the world!

1. Yep, that was brand new asphalt.


2. This cat is clearly the boss.


3. Using your dog's head as a desk.


 4. "She's sick, such a shame. Now where was that jar I wanted to knock off the shelf?"


 5. This cat sleeps on the wares like he owns the place.


 6. "Made a pie crust. Turned around to get filling. Turned back around and this is what I found."


7. "Came downstairs to see this little guy making himself right at home."


 8. Some see a seagull, some see just another place to stand.


 9. Afraid of heights? Puh-leez.


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