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Swollen legs are a thing of the past. With this simple trick, you'll get rid of the water retention
Getting rid of water weight

This mother lied to her daughter for 10 years. Hopefully others do it as well.
The white rose


I can't stop laughing at what this father did to get his teenagers to stop texting at the dinner table. Brilliant

He's about to explode...

It's a sign of the times, but it's really just a bad habit. Texting at the dinner table or in any situation where other people expect your attention is simply rude.

This father had enough and took drastic measures to let his sons know how he felt...

He gives his sons a taste of their own medicine by doing his own "texting" the way his generation knows it. It's playful and humorous, but it's also clear that the boys got the point. Maybe more kids could use lesson like this!

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