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A mother rocked her tiny newborn, then pulled the blanket aside to show granddad a message on the baby's outfit

The circle of life

When a child is born it doesn't just affect the mother's life — it touches the whole family. Mary Martinez's father had no idea what kind of surprise was awaiting him when his daughter pulled a blanket aside to show him his new granddaughter.

There was a message on the crying infant's onesie that left grandad in tears.

Mary had kept the baby's name a secret — until this moment. As a very special surprise for her father, she had the name embroidered into the newborn's outfit. The name was Mary Elizabeth, after her father's mother, her grandmother, who died 34 years ago.

For Mary's dad it was an unbelievably beautiful and moving moment to learn that his mother would be honored like that, even though his daughter and grandchildren had never gotten to meet her. Sometimes that kind of love and respect for each other and for shared heritage is what knits a family together — and makes the bonds that are already there that much stronger!

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