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Why there's a glass with a coin in the freezer is something quite clever. I'm going to try it too!
Still good?

I thought it was a dead dog, but then his eyes moved. What happens next is unbelievable
A horrible mess


Mechanics hate this video because THIS is how you'll save a pile of money

This is why I love the internet

Every little dent can cost a small fortune if you want to get it repaired by a mechanic. Here is a trick that shows how easy it is to solve the problem on your own. And all that for just six dollars! The best thing is, you can't do anything wrong. This home repair tip is absolutely foolproof and it's the perfect way to avoid a huge bill from the body shop.

All you need for the repair is a hair dryer and a can of compressed air. This video shows how it's done:

It takes hardly any time at all and there’s no risk. Give it a try before heading to your local garage.

And don't forget to share this trick and save your friends a ton of money, too!

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