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A mother rocked her tiny newborn, then pulled the blanket aside to show granddad a message on the baby's outfit
The circle of life

13+ Minimalist Tattoos By A Korean Artist
Playground Tattoo is an amazing tattoo artist based in Korea. He specializes in minimal tattoos and ...


This predator kills and destroys all over the world and you know it better than you think

The dream dies.

At first this video seems harmless enough. We see beautiful animals from around the world living their innocent, carefree lives.

But then the humans come along and everything takes a very dark turn:

The song is from the musical "Les Misérables", a story about poor people suffering under the oppression imposed by the wealthy and powerful. The song itself deals with the helplessness that they feel and fits perfectly with the plight of the animals depicted in the video. It's an emotionally powerful song combined with equally powerful images that together convey a very important message.

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This pregnant woman thinks she's having quadruplets, until doctors discover something truly remarkable in her belly
Lucky six

The doctors pushed her belly and broke the bones of her unborn daughter. Six years later, no one could imagine she would look like this.
Fragile love

Before and After Plastic Surgery
There are more and more people in the world, who think, that they need help of a plastic surgeon. ...

The legs of this desk were cut off and the rest was filled with sand. I can't believe the result.
What an idea

The baby sobs until it can't cry anymore and the reason why its parents don't run to it will leave you pondering
What do you think?

As the rape victim enters the tattoo parlor, she doesn't expect what happens next. Her life is never the same.
Disfigured forever?

The struggling bird flies over the picnic area. When he drops his prey, all run for cover
There goes my appetite!

This is what happens to your body when you don't wash your bed sheets
Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Blow on both of your thumbs. What happens next is astounding!
The human body is a phenomenon.