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This 4-year-old boy had to die horrifically all because his mother didn't notice he had unbuckled himself.

Guilty or not?

The eight-time mother Ashley Grimm from Idaho went through the most trying experience a mother could go through. She lost her 4-year-old son, Titus, in a horrible car accident - a boulder had rolled onto the road in a mountainous area. Many people now blame her for the death of Titus. But his mother isn't happy about this and describes  her point of view in  an emotional Facebook post

Facebook/ Ashley Grimm

Ashley always made an extra effort before every  car ride to ensure that her children were buckled up.  Unfortunately, her son, Titus, often secretly unbuckled himself during the ride. He hated being forced by his mother to wear a seatbelt during every car ride. His role model, the comic hero Flash Gordon, also drove without a seatbelt after all. "Flash doesn't wear a seatbelt and I'm Flash, mom!" Titus always used to call out. Ashley didn't suspect  that Titus managed to unbuckle himself without the help of  his older brother on the day of the accident. The two even changed places during the ride.

Facebook/ Ashley Grimm

The tragic accident occurred on June 2nd. Ashley was traveling with five of her eight children in a large van along a curvy road. Suddenly a huge boulder rolled onto the roadway: "I had three options: try to avoid the boulder and aimlessly steer into oncoming traffic. Or crash into the boulder. Or drive down from the road into the river that ran alongside it. I didn't have a lot of time to think about it. I chose the boulder. I made the wrong decision."

Facebook/ Ashley Grimm

The three ton heavy van crashed into the boulder. Titus was immediately ejected from the car. Ashley was bleeding and had fallen unconscious. When she came back to her senses, she freed the five children from the wreckage of the van. Then with her eight-year-old son's help, she managed to pull up Titus's small body, which was buried under the van. The desperate mother kept rubbing his stomach and tried to bring him back to life with a cardiac massage - all in vain. Titus was already dead.


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