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They say you shouldn't talk to strangers, but this pair breaks all the rules

A sweet story!

Gemma Donhou, a 28-year-old Australian, is currently living in England.

She enjoys the country, but desperately misses her grandmother, with whom she has always been very close.One day, Gemma saw 91-year-old Edna alone at the bus stop.

She reminded Gemma of her own grandmother, and Gemma couldn't help but strike up a conversation. The pair got along so well that Gemma had to share a photo on Facebook:

Facebook/Gemma Donhou

"This is my new mate Edna. I met her at the bus stop after work. We started talking and she told me how she was just going into town for something to do because she was lonely in the house by herself after her husband of 55 years had passed away. It broke my heart thinking of this cute little old lady all alone with no one to talk to so I asked for her number so I could come visit her for a cup of tea. She's 91 and just took her first selfie."

The adorable photo quickly went  viral, and Gemma and Edna became local celebrities! The two spend time together as much as possible. Edna gives Gemma tips she's learned in her long life, while Gemma goes shopping with Edna and introduces her to new technology. Although there are a few generations between the two, they have become extremely close friends. We hope they're able to enjoy each other's company for years to come!

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