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After carrying half his weight in severely matted fur, this puppy received some much-needed care
A second chance

Earth Cake with Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, and Crust
Baking can be a tedious task, but self-taught cook Rhiannon, aka cakecrumbs, accepts the creative ...


Surreal Illustrations Merge Dreams and Childhood Memories

St. Petersburg-based digital artist Alex Andreev recently unveiled the 9th installment of his ongoing series d A Separate Reality. The collection features remarkably surreal illustrations of an alternate universe where skateboarders are guided by flying stingrays, masses of land float in the sky, and there's little difference between an enormous airplane and a monstrous image is brimming with elements from real-life placed in unconventional compositions, making them seem like weird yet wonderful dreams. Andreev's imaginative works borrow just as much from his own creative dreams as they do from his childhood memories. By merging these two sources of creativity, both conscious and subconscious, the artist produces entirely unique scenes. There's a sense of enthusiasm for exotic environments that think way outside the box, awarding residents of Andreev's fictional settings the freedom of free falling and diving through the clouds without a worry in the world.

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This 17-year-old turned off his phone and jumped in front of a moving train. Months later, his mom shared the truth.
It's too late for him

Reasons why you should not eat at McDonald's
McDonald's is now the world's largest network of fast-food restaurants.

Every day dozens of people get in line to touch this boy. You'll never guess why

He saw this penny. He picks it up. What’s on the Heads side? SO STRANGE
Most of us walk down the street, see a penny, and left it there. Pennies are like the ‘extras’ of ...

The hungry dog takes the piece of meat, but she does not eat it. This is something heartbreakin

Apple hiding these iPhone tricks from you
Your phone can do a lot of things, but can it do what you want it to?

On stage there are three little girls, but wait the girl on middle until turns around
Johanna Colón from North Carolina, USA, practiced for ages for her big dance performance.

Optical Illusions Portraits
Optical illusions is just a fancy way of saying eye trickery, except it's bigger words and harder ...

Fish Delivery
Fish being delivered to a pet store. The fish is placed in small baggies but the baggies each had ...