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Badass Leggings That Look Like Armour
Inspired by ''video game, comic, and film characters, heroes and villains,'' Vancouver, British ...

He posted this photo of his daughter and it saved her life. Because one comment was different to all of the others!
A pair of trained eyes spots what others didn't


This tiny dog is suffering from tick bites, after shave him, they find something even worse

New beginning

This story may very well leave you speechless. Little Combo the dog was found on the streets of Greece.

His fur and skin were covered in countless insect bites. Thankfully, an animal rescue organization captured him and took him to a vet.

It's really hard to fathom how some people mistreat animals. These pets are completely dependent on us to care for them. Thank goodness there are so many animal rescue groups out there that look after these neglected creatures.

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