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Want to build sand castles but don't want to go outside in the hot, hot sun? Too bad! Just kidding, ...

Mom pours salt into the sand. The creature that comes out? Disgusting!
Most of us go to the beach to enjoy a relaxing day, to do things like make sandcastles, swim, play ...


Can you find the hidden body patterns in these photos? Strange!

As you can see in these photos, they did a good job!

In this exciting art project titled «Metamorphosis» (Metamorphoses), body art artists Leoni Wife Georges Dustevald formed an alliance with photographers Uwe Schmidt and Laila Preginzer to include the human body in a variety of natural landscapes.

During the creation of these works has not been used a single gram of Photoshop, and the models were painted on the ground to create a seamless fusion between the body and the background. "Their work invites the viewer to see the human figure as part of nature," - says one of the models

"These remarkable images encourage us to enjoy the forms and subtleties of the naked body in the same way as we would have enjoyed the graceful form of a tree, hill climbs soft or sharp angles mountain peaks."

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