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​Stop signs ensure we don’t cross the street into oncoming traffic, and oven lights let us know when stove tops are still too hot to touch.

For children in particular, it’s important to have these cautionary protections in place in order to stay safe.

So when a little five-year-old girl stood only a foot away from a massive lion, it was extremely important that a safety glass separated the two of them. However, her parents never imagined what the lion would do upon seeing the small child behind the glass…

The young girl puts her two hands up to the glass, staring intently at the huge lion in front of her. Adorably, she goes in to kiss the glass between her and the lion when all of a sudden the lion jumps up, furiously pawing at the little girl!

Amazingly, the five-year-old girl only looks slightly startled but remains standing with both hands glued against the glass, gazing at the large lion in front of her.

What caused the reaction is unknown… perhaps the lion was excited by the cute kiss?!

This video is definitely amazing but also serves as a powerful reminder that we are lucky to have safety measures to help protect us. Whether at the zoo, an amusement park, or heading off to school, this clip reminds us that it's important to always keep an eye on young children and ensure they are safe and protected.

Thankfully this little girl walked away without a single scratch... it's crazy to think it all began with a cute little lion kiss!

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