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This is just an unbelievable story... Boy cleans his father’s feet
The heartbreaking story of a university student is currently going viral in China.

When a police officer saw this filthy man, she thought he was a beggar. Then she discovered his identity and couldn't believe it
Into the wild


With wire hangers when cuts by her, the result is perfect for every home

If you have a bunch of wire hangers sitting around in your closet, then consider trying some of these nifty ideas.

It turns out, wire hangers are not just mean for clothes. They can be transformed and repurposed in ways that will help you organize and tidy up your home!

Jewelry Hanger

Twist and bend wire hangers until a cute swirl formation. Then, place them in a vase where. Now you can hang you jewelry on them!

Cat Home

Build your cat a cute home to crawl into using wire hangers, t-shirt, and cardboard.

Plate Holder

Show off your fine China or another decorative plate using a wire hanger. Click here to learn how to make the stand.

Wall Art

Twist and bend your wire hangers into cute shapes. These would look great on a wall!

Step 1: Begin by unwinding a few feet of the bailing wire and stretching it out straight. It is easier to start forming the wire art when the wire is straight to begin with. Then, using the needle-nose pliers, form the shape or silhouette you want for your wall art. The best way to manipulate the wire is to bend the wire with the pliers, but to smooth out bumps using your fingers. I think the wire looks more unique with several overlapping wires that follow the same shape so once you finish the first wire form, repeat that shape several times.

Step 2: Then, to make sure all those wire stars stay together, cut a 3″ piece of wire and twist it around the star forms. This secures them together and makes it easier to hang up.


Flip-Flop Storage

With the weather heating up, there’s no better time than to organize your sandals and flip-flops using this hanger.

Exiting Big Bubbles

Create a giant circle using a wire hanger to make a big bubble blower

Book Holder

Use a wire hanger in your home office or reading nook. You can bend them to be a great book holder for important/your favorite books.

Wreath Form

Create a cute wreath using a wire hanger, hot glue, and a ribbon.

Toilet Paper Holder

If you don’t have anywhere to place your toilet paper, then transform a wire hanger into a holder.

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